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Foundation brush

Also suitable for contouring and to apply blush

"Uoga Uoga" foundation brush will become your best helper for covering face evenly with Uoga Uoga foundation powder. It is wide and very comfortable. It can also be used for contouring or applying a blush.

This brush is made of synthetic hair therefore no animals suffered during the production process! Synthetic hair is more resistant to bacteria and dirt, and is less likely to cause allergic reactions.

Do not forget that our brush will serve longer and will better cover your face if its periodically washed with soap or shampoo.

Enjoy more beautiful and even skin!

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Moisturise and nourish your face skin with the natural cream after thoroughly cleaning it. Let the cream soak in. Then cover the blemishes and red spots on your face with “Uoga Uoga” concealer.After covering the problematic areas with a concealer, put a little bit of our foundation powder into a cap and take it with a wide brush; hit the brush softly on the cap to shake off the excess of a powder. Cover your face in circular motions with a thin layer of powder: from the center of the face to the sides of it. Do not miss the hair line and an area under the chin. If you want a more intense color and a sharper effect, repeat the process until you reach a satisfying result. Using a brush cover your cheeks with a blush powder diagonally from the most prominent area of the cheekbones towards the ears.


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Foundation brush

Foundation brush

Also suitable for contouring and to apply blush

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