Duo eyebrow groomer and brush

Also suitable as a soft focus liner brush
1 pc
8,95 €
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Two-sided "Uoga Uoga" eyebrow groomer and brush could become one of your favourite cosmetic tools. You can brush eyebrows and eyelashes before covering them evenly with colour with a groomer on one side. Angled brush on the other side helps creating soft focus lines. It can be used to highlight eyebrows and draw the eye lines with an eyeliner or eye shadows.

This brush is manufactured from synthetic hair, so none of the animals got hurt in the process. Synthetic hair are more resistant to bacteria and dirt then natural hair. Remember, that your brush will serve you longer, if you wash it periodically with soap or shampoo.

How to use it

Brush your eyebrows and lashes with the groomer side of the brush before applying the colour.
Dip an angled brush into the eye liner or the eye shadows and remove excess by tapping the brush gently on the side of the jar. Colour and form the eyebrows. You can use the groomer after that for blending in the colour.
For making an eye-line, hold the brush at an angle and drag it from an inside corner of the eye along the lash line to create a soft focus line. With this brush you can also apply eye shadows on the outer corners of the eyes.