Christmas gift set for men
1 pc
22,95 €
Shelf life: 14 months / 18 months

Men need natural stuff too! There is a cliché that men don’t care what they use and the only thing they really need is the “For men” label. We totally disagree! We think they also deserve natural & high-quality products. In this set you will find two most important things in men’s daily care – shampoo-shower gel & aftershave lotion. 

“Amazing bottle” – Shampoo-shower gel with blackcurrant and birch bud extracts for a man. Our shampoos & shower gels contain only the mildest ingredients made from natural raw materials for your hair & skin to be washed carefully and gently without drying it. 

“Fern flower” - Natural calming after-shave lotion with sea-buckthorn and tamanu oils.