Gel of Unheard Prosperity

Shower gel with vanilla extract & green mandarin oil


250 ml
10 €

Buy for 60€ - get 1 gift, buy for 90€ - get 2 gifts, buy for 120€ - get 3 gifts.

We’ve created this limited-edition shower gel especially for Christmas. Infused with a unique blend of green mandarin and spearmint aromas, it is also enriched with oils and aloe extract to protect your skin from drying.

What makes this product special:

• skin-loving bubbles
• enriched with aloe extract
• reef-safe formula
• citrus scent
• sulphate-free
• natural ingredients
• vegan-friendly

Before every Christmas we bring out an exclusive festive line of products, all characterised by a special aroma selected for that particular year. Lock in those precious memories of this year’s winter celebrations with our limited-edition body care line.

This line is a perfect gift to yourself or anyone who loves Uoga Uoga products and is eager to add another of our beautiful aromas to their collection.


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