Magic Forest

Christmas gift set
New! -20%
1 pc
29,95 €
37,30 €
Shelf life: 14 months

Do you miss traveling, adventures and magic of finding new tastes & places? We feel you! That’s why we made this set with a smell of exotics and holidays. It’s a great present for all great travelers sitting and waiting for the end of pandemic. We promise you – with this set you are going to feel like sitting under the palm tree, with a lemon sorbet in your hands, watching colorful birds swinging around your head.

New! “Tropic of capricorn” - Natural nourishing body cream with exotic fruit aroma. A true tropical cocktail – this cream combines the nourishing mango butter with aroma of exotic fruits

New! “Mango-nific substance” - Shower gel with exotic fruit aroma. The cleaning ingredients in this shower gel are gentle to your skin and biodegradable in water. The aroma of exotic fruits will take you to the memories of the holiday and you’ll meet the new day with the rhythm of latin dance.

“Wish you wide smiles!” Natural lip balm with beeswax and sea-buckthorn oil. Heavy artillery of oils is collected in this balm to moisturise and protect your lips!

“Wish you long awaited travels!” Natural hand cream with citrus fruit oils. This hand cream is simply awesome: it absorbs quickly, has a delicious citrus scent and perfectly moisturises the skin!