Merry Christmas

Christmas gift set
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1 pc
29,95 €
37,30 €
Shelf life: 14 months

This set is dedicated for a crazy Christmas lover. For one who feels extremely good when they smell gingerbread, hot punch & Frank Sinatra singing about it. If you know one – be sure this set full of Xmas smell is the best present ever.

New! “Chest of spells” - Natural nourishing body cream with Christmas aroma. You just need to enjoy the result - moisturising, nourishing and especially softening to your skin and of course the smell!

New! “Enchanted forest elixir” - Shower gel with Christmas aroma. We created this aroma specially for the winter season, even if it doesn’t come again this year. You’ll remember cozy moments at home, when there’s ice behind the windows, and at home it smells of pie and hot chocolate.

“Wish u small miracles!” Natural lip balm with macadamia oil & wonderful Christmas fragrance. Be sure thin mix of orange, cinnamon and clove - after landing on your lips, it will tickle your memories of the great holidays of the year and will undoubtedly create new ones.

“Wish u magic wand for all your dreams”. Natural hand cream with sea-buckthorn oil. Together with sea-buckthorn oil we added shea butter, which softens very dry and rough skin. Natural jojoba, sesame and almond oils have an additional nourishing effect.