The Red set

Body & hair care set with cranberries extract and hyaluronic acid


45 €

Buy for 60€ - get 1 gift, buy for 90€ - get 2 gifts, buy for 120€ - get 3 gifts.

Our new formula cranberry body and hair products are also enriched with hyaluronic acid. This delicately-scented set contains a wide range of products, making it a truly versatile gift.

Inside you'll find:

NEW FORMULA! Cranberry Mousse - A fast-absorbing lotion enriched with cranberry oil and hyaluronic acid for those in need of deep hydration.

NEW FORMULA! Feather-light - Rich in cranberry extract and hyaluronic acid, this fast-absorbing hand cream will leave your hands as soft as down.

Hair mask - If your hair is tired, damaged, dried out, lost its shine or exhausted by dyeing and other chemical procedures, this Repair Mask - is exactly what you need!

Glacial breeze - moisturising and refreshing lip balm with peppermint scent.


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