As the creators of “Uoga Uoga” Lena Sokolovska and Jovita Vyšniauskienė say, the name of the company is the quintessence of their cosmetics: “Uoga Uoga” (translated from Lithuanian means “Berry Berry”) is natural and fresh as a forest berry. The story of the company, which was founded in 2010, started from the true friendship and true berries, but let’s go to the beginning and let’s hear the story from the lips of the founders.


- How did “Uoga Uoga” start?

Lena: In 2009 we both worked at a hedge fund: Jovita as an accountant and me as a financial analyst. We had great and well-paid jobs, however, it always felt as if something was missing. I had too little time to spend on what really interested me: skydiving, snowboarding, travelling and music. That is why one day I decided to quit my job and take what life had to offer.

Jovita: My family had already been living in the countryside and planting organic vegetables when the business idea occurred. We always wanted for our children to live in a healthier environment. At the time of business inception, organic cosmetics were prohibitively expensive and so I tried to make something at home. The possibilities fascinated me and this is how natural cosmetics came into my life.

Lena: And Jovita lured me into this too! (Smiles) 

Jovita: One evening our families came together around a table and made a business plan: we will make natural cosmetics - we will produce fresh face masks from fresh berries. That’s how it all started and how the name “Uoga Uoga” came about.


- What’s so special about “Uoga Uoga”?

Lena: It’s natural, true, handmade and always fresh. We only choose ingredients of the highest quality: natural unrefined oils, clays, flower waters, Lithuanian honey and herbs, organic essential oils. Our make-up line is created using natural minerals and it is further enriched with pure Baltic amber. We do not use anything that we would not put on the skin of our children.

Jovita: What is more, our cosmetics is not only about special ingredients. It is also eco-friendly and our family-like community seems to appreciate it. We believe that with “Uoga Uoga” we can make the world a little cleaner, purer and more beautiful, and this thought makes us move forward.



Our team is passionate about our ideas and we feel that our stores inspire women not only to lead healthier lifes, but also to be freer and stronger.


- Who creates all the product recipes?

Jovita: We create and manufacture everything ourselves, however, before bringing the products into the market, we perform all the tests and safety assessments in the Lithuanian and UK laboratories. 

Lena: We also test-try the products ourselves for an extensive period of time: the new products are tested by our team and family members, and believe us, - these guys are the strictest critics we could hope for. Only after the products have been vetted, improved and approved, do they make their way onto the shop shelves.


- In 2015 a part of your products received a „Soil Association COSMOS Natural“ certificate. What does that mean to you?

Lena: It is a big win and a step forward for our company. The certificate confirms that our products are natural and our manufacturing processes are eco-friendly. This assessment was the result of our 5-year hard work.


- Five years went by, what inspires you to go forward?         

Jovita: First of all, it’s because we do what we truly like and believe in. Also, it’s the feedback from our clients and our team members who appreciate what we do. We have a lot of permanent customers who share their positive emotions and findings with us. This makes us feel the benefits of our hard work first hand and pushes us even harder to make progress and deliver better and fresher products going forward.

Lena: I am utterly fascinated by the fact that our products not only became a hit in Lithuania, but we also managed to inspire some women to try and make natural cosmetics at home. That’s really fantastic. It’s also great to remember our achievements along the way, which were indicators that we were progressing in the right direction: we were awarded numerous prizes for the best Lithuanian products during cosmetics exhibitions in the country, The Ministry of Economy chose us as the most successful young company in Lithuania in 2012, and we also got an award in the ‘Women Entrepreneur’ category in 2013. I hope it’s just the beginning! (Smiles)


- Is “Uoga Uoga” still a family business?

Lena: Yes, definitely. Even though we have grown as a business and we are one of the leading producers of natural cosmetics in Lithuania at the moment, we still produce all of our products by hand and in small batches, so that all the products reach our customers fresh. We still create all of the formulas, aromas and designs ourselves. Our husbands help us with our stands and shop furniture, give lots of advice and sometimes even create the poems for our make-up products.

Jovita: We take “Uoga Uoga” very personally, and that is probably why it is so special. And we still use fresh berries!

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