In the spring of 2015 the quality of our cosmetics was evaluated by one of the strictest natural and organic product control organisations “Soil Association” and we started to certify our products one by one under the “COSMOS Natural” certificate. This achievement is a very important step forward for us and we are adding more and more of our products to the list of certified each month. 

COSMOS is a first united European certificate of natural cosmetics, jointly created by five organisations: „Soil Association“, „Ecocert“, BDIH, ICEA and „Cosmebio“. COSMOS certification can prove the quality of either organic („COSMOS Organic“) or natural („COSMOS Natural“) cosmetics. 

“COSMOS Natural” standard regulates:

Cosmetic ingredients. There are strict rules regulating ingredients, which can be used for production of natural cosmetics: certification encourages using ingredients of natural origin and from organic agriculture. All synthetic materials are prohibited, except for a short list of allowed ingredients, which do not have natural substitutes and their safety has been carefully tested. 

Nano materials, genetically modified ingredients, materials affected by gamma or x-ray radiation, heavy metals, pesticides, nitrates, synthetic colours and fragrances, and many synthetic preservatives are also prohibited to be used. COSMOS standard encourages the biological diversity, therefore it is prohibited to use ingredients derived from endangered plants.


Testing on animals. COSMOS standard highlights, that it is strictly forbidden to use ingredients tested on animals or to test the final products on animals.

Packaging. It is required that the packaging of cosmetic products does not create pollution, is recyclable and can decompose easily.

Production processes. Certified producer is obliged to have and follow environmental management plan, which covers all production processes, including recycling, efficient use of recourses, CO2 footprint, biodegradable cleaning supplies and other environmental issues.

More information can be found here.

We see the “Cosmos natural” standard not as a one-time venture, but as a constant and consistent self-improvement process. That is why we communicate with “Soil Association” team constantly and are happy to received audits from the UK on a yearly basis. 

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