An old rule of beauty says: if you want to look good, fix your eyebrows! Makeup artist of ”Uoga uoga” beauty house Rūta, says that eyebrows change your sight, and the whole harmony of the face. We asked her to tell us more about tinting our eyebrows with natural eye shadows: what requires our attention, which brush should we use, and most important, how to choose the right colour?

Uoga Uoga eye make-up


- How should I tint my eyebrows to get the flawless look?

- It might be difficult to get the perfect shape at first, so it is recommended to visit a specialist at least once a month. Later you can maintain the beautiful look at home.

We should start with using double sided brush to comb the eyebrows. Afterwards we will use the same brush to shape the eyebrows by drawing invisible lines. 

Place the brush next to the edge of the nose and align it with the inner courner of your eye.

Eyebrow colouring scheme


Point A – start your eyebrow with the end of invisible line leading from the edge of your nose through to inner corner of your eye. If eyebrows start here, they will not be too close to each other (otherwise you might look angry).

Point B – the highest spot of the eyebrow is on the line that connects the edge of your nose with your eye pupil.

Point C – the eyebrow ends with the line that connects the edge of your nose and the edge of your eye. It should not be longer.

You can mark these dots with a white eye pencil that is easy to wipe off. This will make it easier to colour your eyebrows.

-How should I choose a colour?

- We recommend to choose a colour based on your natural hair colour. This way you will be most likely to choose the right tone. If you have expressive features, dark (black) eyebrows will look good on you. However, you have to be careful as if they are too dark, everyone will notice them. Moreover, black colour often makes the face look angry and strict.

- What colour eye shadows are good to use for eyebrows?

- You will reach the most natural effect with eyebrow colour. To shape them, it is important to select the right colour and good quality, well pigmented eye shadows. The best colours are matt: cold brown shades, or brown, mixed in with grey (graphite) pigment.

Uoga Uoga eye shadow Fuzzy bear  Uoga Uoga eye shadow Smiling deer

- Is the colour long lasting? Is there a way to extend the life of the colour, so we  are not left without any eyebrows during the night?

-When coloured with eye shadows, eyebrows can maintain colour even in extreme conditions. As I mentioned before, it is very imporatant to use well pigmented eye shadows. This way you will only need a few strokes to get the colour, and the pigment will absorb into your skin better.

If you want the colour to last, you can also use eyebrow gel. It can be clear or coloured and even waterproof. By the way, gel will fix combed eyebrows and will make them shiny.You can also find natural eyebrow gels.

- What brush is the best for eyebrows?

- It is best to use diagonal brush. The ideal option is double sided brush: one side is used to comb the eyebrows and the diagonal one – to fix precise lines.