In winter our skin and hair are affected by cold, breeze and snow. Even when we are in a warm office or our home, we are influenced by dry air and air conditioners.  “Uoga Uoga” founder Lena Sokolovska shares quick tips on how to take extra care of our skin and hair during the cold season.

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1. Cold and constant weather changes affect our hair in winter. During the cold season we should make sure we do not leave the house having wet hair or if our hair is still damp after using moisturising styling sprays. It is also important not to forget head wear.

2. In order for our hair not to get dry, fragile and lifeless it is important to nourish them with oil based hair masks, which can be used once or twice a week.

3. After washing your hair with shampoo, do not forget to use conditioner, which will nourish your hair as well as make it soft and smooth.

4. You can take extra care of the ends of your hair and provide them with nourishment by using coconut or castor oil and oil serums.

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1. Do not go outside straight after you have washed your face. If your skin is wet, cold can crack your capillaries. Furthermore, you should also wait after you have applied face cream to make sure it is properly absorbed.

2. In winter it is best to use face cream that is not water-based. It should protect your skin against cold and nourish it.

3. The best protection for lips is a rich mixture of beeswax-based lip balm. 

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1. During winter we wear layers of clothes which touch our skin and make it dry. Use scrubs to get rid of dead cells and revive your skin.

2. Rich and nourishing creams will pamper our body. They are best absorbed after you have just taken a shower and while your skin is still wet. Nourishing cream with beeswax will protect your skin from weather changes. 

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We usually take extra care of our face, but often forget to pamper our hands. They are frequently washed and have contact with air, therefore they can become dry. A lot of us cannot nourish our hands with creams because we work with documents, etc.  Furthermore nourishing creams are not that easily absorbed, therefore the best time for our special procedures is in the evening.

1. The skin on our hands must also be revived. The simplest way to do this is to scrub it with coffee granules or sugar/salt when washing dishes. Regular scrubbing and nourishing (look below for hand baths) should be done once a week. This way you will revive your skin and increase its elasticity.

2. One of the best procedures which your hands will thank you for is baths of warm oils. Use these baths once a week before going to sleep. You can use olive, sesame and almond oils. Warmth will open the pores and nourish the skin. If your skin cracks and is very dry, after the procedure you should apply nourishing cream with beeswax and sleep with cotton gloves. In the morning you will find your skin soft and gentle.

3. In winter, gloves are as important as head wear. Even though you wear gloves, use some extra help to protect your skin from cold by applying cream with beeswax.

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