Joy for winter sports enthusiasts goes hand-in-hand with cold and snow. We often jump into our warm trousers and jackets, but we sometimes forget that our uncovered body parts are also affected by cold, wind and snow. We would like to share a few tips for everyone who is about to hop on skis or sledge.

- In winter it is best to use a face cream without any water which would nourish and protect your skin. Choose from a variety of our oil based face creams which you can also use for hands.

- Always carry a lip balm – skin of your lips is thin and can dry and fracture due to wind and cold. Choose your favorite one from our selection of lip balms: I‘m not there, mandarin scented “Kiss Me, Honey Honey”, very feminine “Rosalinda, Mi Amor” with roses and avocados, a subtle “Hint” with coloured minerals, and “Pirate‘s Secret Recipe” with sea buckthorn. Natural oils and beeswax is everything you need to protect and nourish your lips.

Lip balm "I'm not there"Lip balm "Kiss me, honey honey"Lip balm "Rosalinda, Mi Amor"Lip balm "Hint"Lip balm "Pirate's secret recipe"

P.S. There is an old saying – don‘t lick your lips outside and don‘t kiss against the wind ;)

- During the cold season sun can burn your skin, so if you are going for a ski holiday in the mountains, do not forget to use sunscreen. Throw it in your bag and use it for your skin every day.

- Do not forget that winter cold frazzles your hair, so a nice hat should be your irreplaceable winter guard.