We used the word special because that is how mineral cosmetics are. The main difference from usual cosmetics is its ingredients and the effect it has on skin. What are mineral cosmetics and how should you choose what is best for you?

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Exclusive ingredients

Nowadays, several cosmetics companies, including luxury brands, produce mineral cosmetics. It is not cheap, but it is worth the money.

The main qualities of each product depend on the ingredients that they are made of. Natural mineral cosmetics are made of natural minerals found in nature - titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, iron oxides, mica and others.

Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide perfectly cover the skin and act as protection against the sun, however it does not mean you should not use sunscreen. Zinc oxide also has antioxidant and contains soothing qualities. Iron oxides absorb heavy metals from air so they do not soak into your skin. Mica effectively reflects light, does not have gloss and decreases visibility of pores and wrinkles so the skin looks smoother.

When creating our mineral cosmetics line we also use one very unique ingredient – Baltic amber. It acquired special qualities from sea and sun and works to retain natural beauty and healthiness of your skin.

Natural mineral cosmetics do not contain preservatives, mineral oils (it is powdery, so it does not need moisture), synthetic colours and scents. All colours are acquired from the mentioned minerals from the earth‘s crust.


Effect on skin

Natural mineral powder, toners and eye shadows have a soft effect on our skin. They make it look natural, allow it to breathe, absorb excess fat and gives a matt effect. You can be sure that you will look natural, and not like you have a drawn-on face!

Dermatologists consider mineral cosmetics safer, especially for those who have skin problems. It is less likely to irritate the skin and cause allergic reactions. Natural mineral cosmetics can be used by sensitive skin owners. Mineral cosmetics do not have oils, so there is less chance that they will complicate acne prone skin.


Is it long lasting?

One of the most common myths is that mineral cosmetics do not stay on skin, easily wipe off and are not visible. It is not true. Colours extracted from natural minerals are bright, so if you apply green or maroon colour on your eyelids, that is how they will look. Also, the colour palette is very wide. Mineral powder perfectly covers the face and has many shades so you will easy find one for your skin tone.

A lot of women use mineral powder as compact powder in order to fixate make up. However you can also use it by itself, therefore, you do not need any cream powders, as using face cream is enough. Mineral powder is good for day and night make up as it lasts on your skin. It is also perfect for a hot day because it contains white clay.


Mineral cosmetics vs. cosmetics with minerals

Yes they are different and you should know this difference. Not all mineral cosmetics are natural. How to tell the difference?

Main rule is – always look at the ingredients. Cosmetics with minerals contain synthetic ingredients which are not allowed to be used in natural cosmetics.

If you see any of the below ingredients, please know that such cosmetics are not natural:

-   Bismuth oxychloride gives powder a silky feel, however it can irritate your skin and provoke acne.

-   Talc blocks pores, provokes acne and dries skin.

-   Nanoparticles are finely ground minerals, whose overall effect has not yet been tested.

-   Silicones: dimethicone, cyclomethicone, methicone, phenyl trimethicone, dimethiconol, etc. Durable silicones are more difficult to wash and can irritate sensitive skin.

-   Mineral oils block the pores, increase dehydration, reduce barrier functions of the skin and prevent it from removing toxins which can cause allergic rashes and acne.