Health conscious Europeans look for alternatives in cosmetics

Deodorant has to contain no aluminium salts, decorative cosmetics must be made of minerals, and with no added preservatives or fragrances, face and body creams have to be enriched with new, natural and unheard of ingredients – these were the tendencies that could be felt in the biggest European eco and natural cosmetics fair “Vivaness 2017” – held last week in Nurenberg, Germany.

Lena Sokolovska, founder of Lithuanian natural and ecological cosmetics “Uoga Uoga”, has just came back from the fair and was pleased that the Lithuanian production of “Uoga Uoga” meets the prevailing global naturalist trends.

Lena Vivanesse 


The rise of natural deodorants

“We have been participating in the exhibition for several years now, and every year we notice that people who are looking for natural products are united by certain trends. This year a lot of visitors were interested to know more about natural deodorants, and the participants introduced a lot of novelties in this field. People were emphasizing that they want to use deodorants without aluminium salts, which is normally used in such products. Cosmetics producers presented various options – from stick to cream consistency natural deodorants” – said Lena.

The most important thing for visitors was to know that the deodorant does not block or harm sweat glands. People wanted to use deodorants that do not contain aluminium salts: “A lot of people mix up deodorants and antiperspirants and do not really know how they work. Our sweat is odourless, but it starts smelling when bacteria multiplies on wet skin. Arm pits are good medium for this. Aluminium salt, which is found in antiperspirants, blocks the sweat glands so the sweat cannot come out, although naturally they should be open for sweat to be removed from the body. Worldwide opinion is that this can cause cancer.

Natural deodorant disinfects and kills bacteria on the skin and the scented oils make the skin smell nice. Clay or mirante powder absorb the moisture, but it does so outside. This year a lot of producers also used soda, which was normally avoided, however it does no harm and can actually increase the skins pH level. Obviously natural deodorant has to be applied more often than synthetic antiperspirant, which will ‘lock’ the sweat for a long time” – says Sokolovska. 


Mineral cosmetics – an alternative for sensitive and allergic skin

The need for mineral decorative cosmetics has been felt for a few years in a row. Cosmetic developers are adapting natural ingredients in their normal products composition, and naturalists are increasing their demands. “People who have sensitive or allergic skin are interested in mineral powders, eye shadows, lipsticks and lip glosses, because they are fragrance and preservative free; and the colours are extracted from crushed minerals with other ingredients also being of natural origin. In fact, in mineral cosmetics we can achieve excellent decorative cosmetics colours, high quality pigmented eye shadows that are just as good as synthetic ones.

As natural cosmetics producers, we are struggling to find the formula and ingredients ratio which make natural cosmetics resilient to moisture, such as tears and sweat. This year we and other exhibitors noticed that almost every second person was asking about water proof cosmetics – which are not easy to make, but we are trying our best!” – joked Lena. She also noticed that most attention in decorative cosmetics was paid to natural eyeliners. “Most women in the exhibition were from Germany, but we also met Italians, who were really impressed by our natural eye liners. We could feel that the spring was coming, because people were not only looking for traditional black and brown colours, but also for bronze, white and other shades.


Rare berries in creams

After visiting stands of other exhibitors, Sokolovska noticed, that this year a lot of manufacturers decided to use rare berries in their products. “Last year we had pomegranate, and this year it is all about berries. I am very pleased because we have been using berries from the start. Cranberries, which we also use, are very fashionable, as well as arctic cloudberries which have antioxidant and rejuvenating qualities. Elderberries are also rare, but they contain a lot of flavonoids and vitamin A, which is important to fight against wrinkles and to improve quality of the skin“ – said the Lithuanian cosmetics creator.