It’s all about working with yourself

Interview with Giedrė Valavičiūte


For us Uoga Uoga is not only about naturalness, ecology and berries, but also about playfulness and positive emotions. So, we decided to widen the scope of the topics we cover in our blog and start talking with interesting people about how they keep good mood and positivity everyday.


Here is our first mini interview with Giedre- the creator of initiative “Size doesn’t Matter”, in which she motivates people to search for their own way, in which no one is constrained by the unrealistic beauty standards, in which everyone opens up their creativity finding their true self.


With Giedre we talked about important stuff: how to overcome negative thoughts and complicated emotions, how to keep motivated and what rituals help the positivity to stay.


Giedre, how do you cope with the negative thoughts or emotions?


It’s all about working with yourself, and when the bad thoughts or complicated emotions come into your life, you just have to live on.

Of course, the ideas can be very different, and some of them can almost have a taste of panic. It’s difficult to persuade oneself that tomorrow it is still going to be OK and sun will shine again. However, being in such a state I try to persuade myself that I am not flying into space and no one is going to die from that.

Sometimes I start analising, what the seed of my anxiety is and how I can eliminate it.

Do I want to prove myself something?

Who do I compete with?

Is this challenge worth so much of my energy?

When I start thinking like this it feels much better.


What rituals help you feel better every day?


Even though I don’t have a certain set of rituals, but the morning exercise helps me a lot to keep positive for the day.

I haven’t had any sports this week, so I feel a little over-relaxed.

Morning exercise gives me energy, which also infiltrates my thoughts- they become stronger, I become more conscious. It also helps not to fall into the self-destructing mood so easily.


What is femininity for you?


I think a lot about this topic. I don’t even know whether femininity is connected to the look, movement or emotional state. Frankly, I don’t have an answer.

I feel that division into feminine and masculine is a little superficial.

I never felt feminine, especially according to the old definition, when the woman’s role was quite specified.

I am a bit sorry for men, especially considering #metoo movement.

What is a young man supposed to do? How to raise him in the society where the women get freer? What can he do, what can’t he do?

I’ll leave it to some thought. :)


Do you feel that you have found yourself? What was your way?


I think “to find yourself” is not a good term. You are searching yourself in every situation, going through experiences. This is a way, until death, during which every finding has a trace on you. You are creating yourself like putting a puzzle together. I create myself by learning.

Now I’m thinking that if I had found myself I’d be a finished person, which says: “that’s it”. When you reach the top, it becomes a routine.


What would you wish for those who are looking for a motivation to act?


I noticed that my motivation just comes. When I try to create it by force- it never happens. I need to let myself stay empty, let myself fill up like a glass. And then something happens- you get the power to act, go and do.

When you don’t have a motivation- you just don’t have it.

Dreams and motivation are a different topic. When you have a dream, it’s like being in a helicopter, from which you look down from above into a wide forest. To make a step towards your dream is like going around a tree in that big forest.

The other question is – are you ready to part with your dream? Maybe this dream is meant for dreaming only?


Thanks to Giedre for clear thoughts.

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