The difference between creating ideas and implementing them is in doing

Interview with Rasa Jusionyte



Our second mini interview is with Rasa Janina Jusionyte.

When you talk with Rasa, it seems that the idea bomb is going to explode just next to you. And knowing how much she does you won’t be surprised why.

Being just 5, Rasa was already dreaming about interviewing people - that’s what she does now for living. You can hear Rasa’s voice on Žiniu radio, where she talks about finding a loved job, on the other program - about the world of feelings, while in the HumansApp she hosts bright and interesting people and they share with her their thoughts of the world. What’s more, Rasa is an organizer of the events named “What do people do?”, while in September she’ll launch her first magazine. Impressive!


Rasa, when you have bad thoughts or emotions - how do you deal with them?

Before, I was running away from them. I wanted to always be happy. Life is so short, why waste it for negative stuff? The problem is that fears and bad feelings follow you. If you try hard and switch off the bad feelings, the good ones switch off as well.

This winter I had to learn to be with a great pain. I don’t know if I had a depression, I don’t have a diagnosis, but I experienced the loss of close people and the divorce.

I had the days when my heart was clenched by pain, and if I left my bed I’d spend the day in some fog of feelings. Everything was hard. I had to do something, so I started attending the therapy sessions, and also started to exercise. I created my routine: I woke up at 6 o’clock, exercised, then I started to care for myself, I started buying great food, cooked it with passion and ate it slow. Then - to work, and in the evening - my tea and a book. I stopped going to parties and meeting friends. If I felt bad, I decided to get to know this emotion. Fear and pain is also a part of us, and even if they follow us everywhere, they also get tired.  I let them rest, and in the process of knowing myself I befriended them.

In my work there’s plenty of anxiety as well. I’m hosting radio programmes, I have many obligations, I try to earn my living and so I’m learning business, most of the time through my mistakes. Anxiety is a horrible feeling. It’s crazy not to be able to fall asleeep, not to be able to talk to your relatives calmly, problems overwhelm all your thoughts.

I said to myself that anything can happen, and it will happen, the most important thing is how I’ll react. So, I don’t run from my work problems - whatever it is, I look it in the eye and deal with it at once, however unpleasant it is. This is a much calmer way to live. Also, I don’t work on weekends and I value my sleep - after 8 hours with closed eyes everything seems much better!


Which rituals help you feel great every day?

Exercise. It’s necessary not only for my body, but also for my emotional health and energy. It shouldn’t be a gym, sometimes I go boxing, sometimes I go walking with my dog and make a huge circle around Vilnius, other days I jump into a swimming pool - it’s just important to move every day. This also makes me choose better food, as I hear myself better.

One more ritual - morning with coffee. For me it’s crazy delicious and I can’t wake up without it.


What’s your energy recipe?

I have plenty of energy naturally. I have vivid thoughts and I never constrain them. I have an idea to make events - let’s do it! An idea to publish a magazine - I’m on it! What’s next? I have no idea. My brain is not used to boredom and I love to create. That’s what makes me happy, so my “recipe” would be to let yourself dream of the biggest, strangest, craziest ideas and not say to yourself: oh, that might not work. My inner critic in my head does not have a veto right. There’ll always be those around you who’ll critisize and try to extinguish your flame - you better kept youself away from those people and learnt to motivate yourself. Then you don’t kill the energy, but reinforce it.


Do you feel that you’ve found yourself? What was your way?

I have listened to myself and I can consciously understand and control my feelings and thoughts. I know why they arise: which come from distrust and fear, and which - from love and creativity. It’s important to know your inner motives. Old habits are like old branches on a tree and you have to break them. That’s painful, uncomfortable and you stop, and then they grow again, and you break them again. I’ve learnt not to be angry and not to judge myself, on the contrary - it’s important to have compassion. If I give myself a promise, I’ll keep it as much as I respect myself. So I’m learning to respect myself as well. Therapy was my first step, then a lot of books, then morning papers, sports and then just finding time to be you. That’s the start of my way and I still have to go far along it.


What can you wish to those who lack the motivation to act?

Everything depends on you. People, who think about ideas and who implement them are different only in one thing - action. If you have an idea - don’t ask for advice. Not from your husband, kids, family, friends or colleagues. Don’t wait for their help. Just start - and then when problems start arising, you’ll deal with them step by step, and that’s how you grow. But only you can give yourself permission and only you can achieve everything what you dream about, whatever your conditions at the moment. So, less talking, more doing!