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The best mineral powder I've ever tried and stuck with. :) I have been using it for a long time, 7-8 years. I often mix several shades together to get the right color for my skin, depending on the time of year and my tan. :) Does not irritate the skin, does not fall off, covers perfectly. 10/10.

Geriausia mineralinė pudra, kurią tik teko išbandyti ir pasilikti ties ja. :) Naudoju jau ilgą laiką 7-8 metus. Dažnai kelis atspalvius maišau tarpusavyje, kad išgaučiau tinkamą spalvą savo odai, priklausomai nuo metų laiko ir įdegio. :) Neerzina odos, nesukrenta, dengiasi puikiai. 10/10.

Mineral Foundation

Mineral foundation powder with amber, SPF15

637 Amber Sand - medium light with warm undertone


10 g
0,7 g
29 €

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Our legendary hit – mineral powder foundation that looks perfect on the skin and is 100% natural! It evens out the skin tone not leaving a mask effect, hides minor imperfections, and has a subtle matte finish.


Why this product is special:

  • Evens out the skin tone
  • Allows skin to breath and does not clog pores
  • Looks super natural – no “mask effect”
  • Subtle matte finish
  • SPF15
  • Buildable coverage
  • Enriched with amber
  • 100% natural and COSMOS Natural certified
  • No nano-particles
  • Ethically sourced minerals
  • Dermatologically tested, suitable for sensitive skin
  • Vegan


The skin adores this lightweight mineral foundation powder. Thanks to the carefully selected ingredients, this powder does not clog pores, allows the skin to breathe, while leaving it looking very natural. Its formula is based on natural mica, which reflects and scatters the light, in this way helping to minimise the look of pores and small wrinkles, when applied on the skin. Just a few brush strokes will make your skin look smoother.

Our foundation powder is great for all skin types, but is especially appreciated by owners of problematic or sensitive skin. We enriched the formula with amber, which is known for its antibacterial effect and zinc oxide, which helps to calm irritated skin. White clay helps absorb the excess oil during the day and gives the skin a subtle matte finish. Mineral sun filters protect the skin from harmful sunrays with SPF15.

We created a wide shade palette so you will definitely find the perfect colour, which will look amazing on you.

Some screens may show colours slightly differently, but in reality they are all stunning. 

Best to apply using "Uoga Uoga" wide foundation brush: moisturise and nourish your face skin with the natural cream after thoroughly cleaning it. Let the cream soak in. Then cover the blemishes and red spots on your face with “Uoga Uoga” concealer. After covering the problematic areas with a concealer, put a little bit of our foundation powder into a cap and take it with a wide brush; hit the brush softly on the cap to shake off the excess of a powder. Cover your face in circular motions with a thin layer of powder: from the center of the face to the sides of it. Do not miss the hair line and an area under the chin. If you want a more intense color and a sharper effect, repeat the process until you reach a satisfying result.

Store at dry place.

Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Magnesium Stearate, Kaolin (white clay), Amber Powder, Oryza Sativa (rice) Starch, +/- Iron Oxides: CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499. 100% natural origin of total.


1320 reviews

Easily and naturally evens out the skin tone and most importantly - does not dry out the skin.

Lengvai ir natūraliai išlygina odos atspalvį ir svarbiausia- nesausina odos.

Šarūnė Show the original

Feels nice on the skin, spreads easily. Until now, I have not used powder because I did not like the feeling on the skin, as if a mask had been applied. And this powder has no feel at all, just a light feel on the face, plus it gives a light glow.

Maloniai jaučiasi ant odos, lengvai pasiskirsto. Iki šiol nenaudojau pudros, nes nepatikdavo pojūtis ant odos, tarsi būtų uždėta kaukė. O ši pudra visiškai nesijaučia, tik lengvas pojūtis ant veido, plius suteikia lengvo švytėjimo.


Beautiful color, the face is shiny, but it looks very natural.

Graži spalva, veidas žvilga, bet atrodo labai natūraliai.


Good product.

Geras produktas.


Covers beautifully, lasts a long time and looks very natural. Discovery!

Gražiai dengiasi, ilgai išlieka ir atrodo labai natūraliai. Atradimas!


Great powder. It covers beautifully, it looks natural, I really liked it...

Puiki pudra. Dengiasi gražiai, natūraliai atrodo, labai patiko...

Viktorija Show the original

I tried it and was not disappointed.

Išbandžiau ir nenusivyliau.


I have been using it for several years. Like very much.

Naudoju jau keletą metų. Labai patinka.


Great coverage, super lightweight, new favorite powder!

Puikiai dengia, labai lengva, nauja mėgstamiausia pudra!