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I always carry the "Happiness Rocket" with me in my purse, it's great for applying to pimples and disinfecting/drying them (because you never know when they'll hit you!) 5 points!

Visuomet su savimi rankinėje nešiojuosi "Laimės raketą", labai tinka patepti spuogeliams ir jiems dezinfekuoti/pasausinti (nes niekad negali žinot kada jie tave užklups!) 5 balai !

Happy Rocket

Tea-tree and tamanu oil blend for combination, oily and problematic skin


10 ml
15 €

Gift - Illuminating body oil, when buying over 65 €

Roll-on product to stop and neutralise emerging skin problems. Based on tamanu and tea tree oils, both of which are irreplaceable when looking after problematic skin.


What makes it so special

  • Tea tree oil accelerates breakout shrinking
  • Tamanu oil speeds up regeneration process
  • Preventive effect
  • Cosmos ORGANIC certified
  • Vegan-friendly

This natural roll-on product is designed for application on problem areas as and when needed, for example, when you feel that a spot is emerging or has appeared already. The roller contains two special ingredients: tamanu and tea tree oils, which help speed up breakout shrinking and drying, all while making your skin look more beautiful.

For best results, use all products within the same line consistently and regularly, according to recommendations.

Apply this oil blend on problematic skin patches to disinfect them and accelerate the healing process. Shake before use. For best results, use with other Uoga Uoga tea-tree line products.

Store between +5 °C and +24 °C

Calophyllum Inophyllum (tamanu) Seed Oil*, Melaleuca Alternifolia (tea tree) Leaf Oil*, Limonene**, Linalool**, Geraniol**, Isoeugenol**. *From organic agriculture. **Naturally occurring in essential oils. 100% organic.


107 reviews

My skin is oily, shiny, clogged with pores. This product did not suit me at all, I think because it is oil based. My skin got even more irritated, so I stopped using it.

Mano oda riebi, spoguojasi, kemsasi poros. Sis produktas man visai netiko, manau, nes aliejiniu pagrindu. Oda dar labiau sudirgo, del to nustojau naudoti.


My teenage daughter really liked it.

Labai patiko pauglei dukrai.


Very good product! I can definitely see results after a few uses. ☆

Labai geras produktas! Po kelių naudojimų tikrai matau rezultatą. ☆


Invisible savior :)

Nematomas gelbėtojas:)


Perfectly eliminates all small pimples, interesting smell.

Puikiai panaikina visus mažus spuogelius, įdomus kvapas.


Not a very pleasant smell.

Nelabai malonaus kvapo.


It seems that the acne has reduced with the help of this serum, but it takes at least a couple of days of application before something changes.

Atrodo, kad sio serumo pagalba sumazejo spuogu, tik uztrunka bent pora dienu tepimo, kol kazkas pasikeicia.


All pimples are smeared with "JUO"

Visi spuogučiai sutepami "JUO"


Great tool, pimples shrink. After applying it in the evening, it looks better in the morning, less redness, if there was a blackhead - it disappears :)

Puiki priemonė, spuogeliai susitraukia. Pasitepus vakare, ryte jau atrodo geriau, mažesnis raudonis, jei buvo inkštiras - tai jis dingsta:)