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I am very happy with this line! Perfectly refreshes and moisturizes the face, very pleasant consistency, I can't imagine a morning without this trio.

Esu labai patenkinta šia linija! Puikiai atgaivina ir drėkina veidą, labai malonios konsistencijos, nebeįsivaizduoju ryto be šios trijulės.

Intense effect + box

Intensive facial care set


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Gift - Illuminating body oil, when buying over 65 €

An intensive line with ingredients that actively strengthen your skin's elasticity - our pride and joy for many years. It combines everything you need for your maximum-impact daily skincare routine. All products are COSMOS certified.

Set includes:

Essence face emulsion serum with cranberry extract and hyaluronic acid - improves your skin's elasticity and leaves it energised. Strengthens the effect of face cream.

Intensive day cream for dry skin with hyaluronic acid, cranberry extract and phytosterols to help improve your skin's elasticity. Due to its immaculate organic composition, it was awarded the highest rating in an international cosmetics competition.

Eye serum with hyaluronic acid and cranberry extract, designed to look after your eye skin, improve its elasticity and reduce fine lines' appearance. Batched in a bottle with a metal roller, it pleasantly cools and depuffs the skin around your eyes.

This set comes in a gift box. To protect the planet, click here for a box-free option.

Make no mistake; this line isn't just for mature skin. The natural anti-ageing ingredients in the products will work for anyone who feels their busy lifestyle, sleepless nights, and stress start to show on the face more often than desired.

You can find out more about each product in its description.

You can find out more about each product in its description.


73 reviews

A cream with a pleasant consistency, a ball for applying eyelids is a good solution. The serum is also in a beautiful bottle with a convenient bent pipette, it's a pity that the latter is for me not expected - the skin is swollen in the morning.

Malonios konsistencijos kremas, Geras sprendimas - rutuliukas vokų tepimui. Serumas taip pat gražiame buteliuke su patogia sulenkta pipete, gaila, kad pastarasis man netiko-ryte paodis būna patinęs.


This set is a wonderful gift ❤️! It contains not only great products, but also beautiful packaging down to the details. Thought about everything!!

Šis rinkinys - nuostabi dovana ❤️! Jame sudėtos ne tik puikios prekės, bet ir iki detalių dailus įpakavimas. Apie viską pagalvota!!


A great gift set, you don't have to think about what to give, the quality and composition was very surprising ☺️ I will definitely buy it again.

Puikus dovanų rinkinys nereikia sukti galvos ką padovanoti kokybė ir sudėtis labai nustebino ☺️tikrai pirksiu dar ne kartà.





A gift for my mother, she had already tried these products and liked them very much, so we repeated them :)

Dovana mamai, ji jau buvo bandziusi siuos produktus ir labai patiko, todel pakartojam :)


A beautifully packaged gift set.

Nuostabiai supakuotas dovanų rinkinys.


A great gift for mom, I'm a big fan of elixir myself

Puiki dovaną mamai, aš pati esu didelė eliksyro fane

Viktorija Show the original

I am very happy with this set. I am buying for the third time and I do not promise to stop. My skin is constantly moisturized, soft, which you want to touch!

Esu labai patenkinta šiuo rinkiniu. Perku jau trečią kartą ir nežadu sustoti. Mano oda nuolat pridrėkinta, švelni,kurią nori liesti!


Cosmetics are great

Kosmetika puiki